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I’m just a guy who was seeking more connection to my work as a carpenter, and to my life, and got it.

For most of my adult life, I worked in the housing industry. The housing industry is not a place that cares about feelings, nor do others want to hear about them. The job at hand needed to be accomplished, and everyone had to be on the same page. Otherwise, someone was losing money and we would surely hear about it. Even though I was doing some complicated woodworking, I felt emotionally disconnected from the work. We tradesmen did not talk about our feelings, let alone our intuition or gut feelings. I kept silent for fear of being ridiculed by those around me. 

Yet, when I was alone hiking, or on a motorcycle ride, or kayaking in the ocean, I began to develop trust in my intuition. This guidance saved me many times as I learned to trust its message for my safety.

What’s funny is that I would set this guidance aside when I returned to my everyday life. This is where I would get into trouble. When I was with others, I would often ignore the guidance, and as a result, things didn’t always work out well for me.

I have written in a journal most of my life. Not something other carpenters talked about doing, so I kept it to myself. While writing in a journal, I could reread what I had previously written and see if my life was moving in the right direction. Looking in the rearview mirror to check on my direction forward seemed like an odd way to see if the life I was living was the life I wanted. However, by reading about it after the fact, I learned to trust what I was writing and reading about my life. I soon realized this was a form of guidance.

The combination of my intuition and my journal helped me see the times when I did follow my intuition, and the times when I did not. The end result was always the indicator of which choice I had made.

One day I felt an uncomfortable gut feeling but chose to ignore it. I knew what the feeling meant, yet the job needed to be finished, and I wanted to get paid. I ignored the gut-feeling guidance I had experienced at the onset of the job and I lost the tip of an index finger in a jointer. During the drive to the emergency room, I made a promise to myself that I would never doubt my intuition again. I promised that I would live my life by following this powerful source of guidance. If I wasn’t sure which direction to take, I would ask myself a question and then search my emotions for the answer. The more questions I asked, the more trust I gained in the positive guidance I was receiving.

This may sound like an unusual way to live, but since I made the promise I have been on many hikes, motorcycle trips, and spent time in my woodshop without any setbacks. Being able to look into my rearview mirror and see the success of this way of life has caused me to believe in how valuable my intuition is to my health and well-being.

I still write in a journal, along with writing my blog, weekly newsletter, my column articles, and my books. All of this came to be as a result of trusting my intuition which I now hear as a loving voice that I call my Inner Voice.

A few years ago, I gave up my career as a carpenter to devote much of my time to writing and growing flowers with my wife. I found the connection I was seeking — it is a connection with myself. I didn’t have far to look, and I am grateful that along my journey, my Inner Guidance slowed me down enough to see the connection was already there within me.

My writing is my journey, and sharing my journey is my gift to you. My hope is that it will keep you out of the emergency room and guide you to your best life possible.

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Have you ever heard that little voice inside of you saying “go left” and turned right anyway? Do you remember regretting the moment you chose not to listen? Can you think back to a time when you paid attention to that inner voice and things went well, life flowed smoothly?

Your Inner Guidance joyfully delivers trust and confidence you can depend on along your life’s journey to discovering your true happiness. From the power of your thoughts, emotions, and words, to self-love, forgiveness, and well-being, Your Inner Guidance has you covered.

The journey to self-discovery carries us toward our authentic life in a loving, compassionate embrace when we intend and allow this stream of awareness to flow within us. Spiritual Author Paul Hudon leads the way and asks only one question of you, the reader – Are you following Your Inner Guidance?

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There's a depth to Paul's writing that's both inspirational and confrontational. Inspirational because the thoughts he conveys encourage readers to reach higher and become their best selves. Confrontational because readers might not always want to read the words he writes. Paul mines his inner world and shares his wisdom with the rest of us and we’re all the better because he does.


Over the years I have seen a lot of writers’ work, and without exception Paul Hudon’s writing is always fresh and inspiring.  It’s a pleasure to work with him and read the way he chooses to connect with his audience.


The wisdom of Paul's own inner voice has had an immense impact on my ability to listen and to trust my own inner guidance. His writing provides the framework for deep conversations with my wife, and the journey of self-discovery has had an immeasurable influence on relationships beyond myself, including my journey of fatherhood. I have grown filled with gratitude for so many elements of my life, not in the least of which has been Paul's writings and teachings.





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